Festival of Motorcycling Hospitality 2016

VIP Event Specialists

Now in our fourth year being a part of the ever growing Festival of Motorcycling VIP events, Event Systems provided a full lighting installation in the large scale temporary structure that makes up the VIP venue. This included moving wash and spot fixtures as well as LED Pars and Showtec Sunstrips to create a professional installation that would compliment the evening events and not upset the day to day running of the venue.

This was achieved, in part, thanks to the installation of a fully certified and precisely calculated weight rated truss span, rigged and fitted out with an array of powerful colour wash fixtures. This rig entailed static pars as well as moving wash, whilst also accommodating the venues own dimmed par can rig that provided face lighting for the stage. The addition of moving wash enable us to light not just the stage, but also the dance floor and the vast ceiling of the venue at will. Chaining the venue focus from the stage, or adding some flair on the dance floor, or to making the whole venue a colour changing feature. The rig also had the ability to light up the darker corners of the room for prize presentations when the stage was in other use.

We take pride in ensuring our installations, even when temporary, can fulfil any requirement that gets thrown our way.