Lest Fest 2015

Grass Roots Festival

Event Systems were happy to go the extra mile when George Wright, an engineering student, approached the company to provide a higher level of production for their mainstage at his developing festival in Loughborough. Originally a house party that got out of hand Lest Fest had the perfect blend friendly summer vibes and heavy hitting late night DJ's.

As a company festivals are certainly not out of our comfort zone, far from it. We stayed on site for the whole term of the festival, keeping within the spirit of the festival vibe staying in our very own authentic tipi - complete with a few modern technological luxuries of course!

The main stage elements provided by Event Systems included LED Washes, Robe Moving Spots, Laser Effects and Pixel Mapped Sunstrips. All contolled by the ultimate festival lighting desk - Avolites Titan. Thus proividing a versatile rig that could keep up with the demands of the musical days into the high impact 'club' nights.

Staying a total of four nights on site we were able to provide support outside of our remit. Assisting with the on site sound team and generally getting stuck in with the festival family.

Event Systems wish GW Events Ltd the best of luck with future endeavours and hope to be a part of any future plans should we be required.