Davy Knowles

The Outsider returns!

Event Systems were very please to be asked back by Triskellion Promotions for the latest return of Davy Knowles to his home of the Isle of Man. Knowles holds his own amongst the Blues music scene and prolificly tours the United States of America with his collection of self penned music that makes up his distinct sound. 
Triskellion Promotions owner Lenny Conroy bagged somewhat of a coup in booking Knowles for two public home coming events in Port St Mary as well as playing for a lifelong fan's birthday bash. Event Systems were the natural choice for Conroy, for both the public and private events, with the company having already displayed its professionalism and value for money performance enhancing work at his own private party months before.
Event Systems provided a comprehensive lighting display in both the private and public show venues, these in turn presented challenges in terms of spacial limitations, requiring out of the box thinking to ensure a fair compromise was reached in terms of delivering the specified lighitng requirements whislt ensuring this did not impact on the primary focus, the performers. Part of our company prophecy is the understanding that we are a supporting role, an element that we do not forget when working with clients.
Knowles played hits from his back catalogue as well as from his new album 'The Outsider', pleasing audiences old and new and proving that this talented Manxman from Port St Mary will always support his roots. A sentiment affectionately affirmed by the audiences rendition of Roll Away, which is aptly all about leaving home and returning someday. This he did in style.
(All Images Copyright Gary Weightman of Vannin Photos)